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Marcus S. Cooke, Ph.D., F.R.C.Path.
Professor of Environmental & Occupational Health

Genetic and Epigenetic Effects of Oxidative Stress: a Role in Disease

Both endogenous and exogenous processes generate free radicals and reactive oxygen species. If this production overwhelms the cell’s antioxidant defenses, this leads to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress has an important role in numerous pathological conditions, including cancer, cardiovascular, respiratory and neurological disease via its detrimental effects upon cellular function. This includes mutation, altered gene expression, acceleration of telomere shortening and the promotion of microsatellite instability. Damage to DNA is receiving most attention, due to the significant effects upon cell function, plus clear mechanistic relevance to the disease process.

The aim of my research is to better understand how oxidative stress alters cellular function, and how this then leads to disease. This is achieved by a combination of molecular biology techniques, and biochemical analyses applied to both cell culture, and studies in humans.

A better understanding of how oxidative stress influences disease, will allow us develop intervention strategies, plus the development of biomarkers of oxidative stress may have predictive and prognostic properties.


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Marcus S. Cooke, Ph.D.
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