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Degree Requirements


The Handbook in effect when the student enters the social work program as a major governs his/her graduation requirements.


General Requirements

  1. The candidate for the degree must complete the general education or core curriculum requirements, as defined by the University. These requirements are specified in the University catalog. All students must complete a minimum of 8 semester hours in a foreign language or two years of the same foreign language in high school and the global learning requirements. In addition, students must meet the pre-requisites (with a minimum grade of “C”) of one 3-semester-credit hour college course in human biology, one course in statistics, and one course from each of the following areas: psychology, sociology, economics and American Government.

    All students are required to obtain a copy of the FIU catalog upon admission. Students are referred to the catalog for specifics regarding admission, degree requirements and graduation requirements.

  2. The degree candidate must have a minimum of one hundred and twenty (120) semester hours of credit, of which sixty (60) semester hours must be earned at the upper division level from an accredited institution. Normally, the last thirty (30) semester hours must be earned in residence at Florida International University. In addition, students who enter into the Florida State University System with fewer than 60 credit hours are required to earn at least nine credit hours prior to graduation by attending one or more summer terms at a Florida state university.

  3. Criteria for considering upper-level transfer credit include: a review of the prior educational institution's catalog description and syllabi of courses put forth for evaluation. Course syllabi are reviewed for the specific learning objectives, including which practice behaviors are addressed in the identified area. In review of social work courses, status of the prior institutions with CSWE is considered.

    A "C" grade is required for a course to be considered eligible for transfer credit; and up to 15 credit hours normally can be transferred toward the degree at the discretion of the BSSW Coordinator. More than 15 upper level transfer credits may be awarded by the BSSW Coordinator to those applicants who present a record of previous study in accredited programs acceptable for substitution, (for Program Admission Evaluation form see Appendix A).

  4. A grade-point average of at least 2.0 or higher in upper-division courses is required for continuance in the program and a 2.75 for admission into the field practicum (2.5 for students who entered the program prior to Fall, 2012).

Course Requirements

The B.S.S.W. degree candidate is required to take specific classroom courses in social work and in other departments to obtain the credits required for graduation, or a total of at least 60 credits in upper-division courses.

1. Required Upper-Division Courses for Social Work. The sixty (60) semester hours of upper-division courses must include: fifty-one (51) semester hours in social work courses, including two consecutive Field Practicum courses totaling 14 semester hours; six (6) credits of upper-division electives*; and three (3) semester hours in a required public health course (required as of summer, 2011). The social work, public health, and elective courses must all be completed with a “C” or higher. Both Field Practicum courses must be completed with a “P”. All of the courses must be planned in sequence so that pre-requisites and co-requisites are fulfilled. For the complete list of course pre-requisites and co-requisites see Appendix B.

Required courses for Social Work are:
SOW 3113 – The Social Environment & Human Behavior I
SOW 3100 – The Social Environment & Human Behavior II
SOW 3232 - Social Welfare Policy and Services I
SOW 3233 - Social Welfare Policy and Services II
SOW 3203 - Introduction to Social Work Practice
SOW 3313 – Social Work Practice with Families and Individuals
SOW 3350 – Interviewing Techniques Lab
SOW 3403 – Social Work Research
SOW 3620 - Social Work and Human Diversity
SOW 4322 – Social Work Practice with Groups
SOW 4332 – Social Work Practice with Communities and Organizations
SOW 4511 - Field Practicum I
SOW 4522 – Field Seminar I
SOW 4512 - Field Practicum II
SOW 4523 – Field Seminar II
PHC 3100- Introduction to Public Health
2 Electives*

*Upper-Division Electives. The degree candidate must complete six (6) credits of additional upper-division courses in social work or in other related departments with a grade of “C” or higher. Students have a wide range of courses from which they may select those most relevant to their special interests or career objectives. The advisor is prepared to help students choose appropriate electives. Appropriate electives include upper-level courses that support and reinforce the social work major. Subject areas may include sociology, psychology, health services, criminal justice and women's studies' courses. The advisor must approve electives. Students may also choose to minor in an area related to social work by completing 15 hours of electives in that minor. A request for minor form must be approved by the BSSW Coordinator.

1. Courses in other departments. Entering students who have not completed all admission pre-requisites may need to take one or more courses in other departments. Statistics, biology with human content, and courses in psychology, American government, sociology and economics are required.

2. A Professional Portfolio will be completed and submitted during the last
semester of the program. The student’s Portfolio must receive a minimum passing score (at least a “marginal”) in order to graduate. Information about the Portfolio will be provided in the field seminars.

The School of Social Work does not grant social work course credit (including field) for life experience or previous work experience.


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