Benjamin C. Amick III


Chair, Graduate Program Director and Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management



Organizational Change, Population Health, Occupational Safety and Health


Dr. Benjamin C. Amick III has long been attracted to teaching and research, and was one of the early developers of the social inequalities and health program at Harvard University. Today, he is chair of the Department of Health Policy and Management where he has led the creation of innovative master’s programs and a new doctoral program in health systems research. Dr. Amick specializes in integrating advanced qualitative and quantitative methods to answer complex questions on how to support successful and healthy work careers. Dr. Amick and his colleagues developed the groundbreaking labor markets and health conceptual model that, for the first time, incorporates life course thinking into work and health research. In addition, Dr. Amick is engaged in translational research using both systematic reviews and benchmarking to change employer behavior with his partners at the Canadian Institute for Work & Health and with provincial partners in Canada. He has been a leader in the development of work-related, patient-centered outcome tools including being co-developer of the Work Limitations Questionnaire. He continues to advance the measurement of patient-centered outcomes through his work on sustainable employment among cancer survivors with his collaborators at the University of Groningen Medical Center in the Netherlands. He is a member of the Healthy West Kendal team in a collaborative effort to introduce a population health approach into traditional medical care. He and his colleagues are also in the midst of developing decision-making tools to support Health Ministers in the Caribbean as they work to improve responses to new disease outbreaks (e.g., Zika), and with LifeWallet, a local high-tech company in medication adherence.


  • Yale School of Public Health, Postdoctoral Fellow in Chronic Disease Epidemiology
  • Johns Hopkins University, Ph.D.
  • University of Maryland, BA, BS


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