Terrilyn A. Richardson


Clinical Associate Professor

Environmental Health Sciences




Toxicology, Pharmacology

Hepatic metabolism of xenobiotics


Prior to joining Florida International University, Dr. Richardson worked for approximately 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry, developing both biologic and small molecule pharmaceuticals in oncology and cardiovascular disease. She gained extensive experience in the design, oversight, and interpretation of toxicology and pharmacology studies intended to support Investigational New Drugs (INDs) and designed and interpreted data needed for ongoing product development. In addition, Dr. Richardson coordinated and monitored outsourced preclinical safety studies with contract research organizations. Dr. Richardson also has experience in strategy development, review and implementation of promotional material for marketed drugs and delivery devices for FDA compliance. During her graduate and post-doctoral research positions, Dr. Richardson investigated metabolism of organophosphate insecticides in developing animals, metabolism during thyroid tumor promotion, and investigation of hepatic enzymes and nuclear receptors during inflammation and infection.


Emory University, Postdoctoral Fellow, Atlanta GA, 2003

University of Kansas Medical Center, Postdoctoral Fellow, Kansas City KS, 2001

Mississippi State University, Ph.D., Environmental Toxicology/Veterinary Medical Sciences, 2001

Mississippi State University, M.S., Animal Physiology, 1995

Mississippi State University, B.S., Biological Sciences, 1992


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