Janelle Taveras


Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor




HIV Program Planning and Implementation and Evaluation


Dr. Janelle Taveras began her experience in the field of HIV in 2006, which includes: program planning and implementation, project coordinating, and research and evaluation work for several Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funded HIV/AIDS programs and projects within the Florida Department of Health. She is currently serving as the Program Administrator for the International Association for provider of AIDS Care (IAPAC). Previously, she served as the LGBT HealthLink Project Administrator at CenterLink where she was responsible for providing HIV technical assistance and capacity building to CDC funded organizations in the US South and LGBT Centers across the United States. Dr. Taveras continues to be involved in both the local and state integrated HIV prevention, care and treatment planning since 2013 (Broward County and Florida, respectively) and now serves as the Broward County HIV Prevention Planning Council Community Co-Chair. Through her work, Dr. Taveras has practiced knowledge of HIV epidemiology and surveillance, research, program development and coordination, biomedical interventions, HIV patient care systems, quality improvement, and multifaceted monitoring and evaluation methods. Her most notable work was developing monitoring and evaluation infrastructure for both Test and Treat (Rapid ART) and PrEP programs at the Florida Department of Health in Broward County and her contribution to the first CDC and Human Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) integrated HIV prevention, care and treatment plan for the State of Florida. In addition, she has participated in several studies at the AIDS Prevention Program at Florida International University designed to reduce HIV risk behaviors among vulnerable populations of adolescents, severely mentally ill adults, and recovering drug abusers. Dr. Taveras been a guest speaker on the topics of Behavioral Epidemiology, Public Health Surveillance, HIV and Millennials, and HIV and Aging, Ending the HIV Epidemic, and Health Equity. Lastly, Dr. Janelle Taveras is a double graduate from Florida International University with both a Doctorate and Master’s degree in Public Health with a concentration in epidemiology, where her dissertation work was focused on HIV risk behaviors, previous HIV testing, and HIV positivity among Hispanic women tested for HIV in Florida.


·         Florida International University, Ph.D.

·         Florida International University, MPH

·         Barry University, B.S.


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