Cristina Palacios


Associate Professor, Department of Dietetics and Nutrition


Bone and Body Composition, Obesity Prevention


Dr. Cristina Palacios is an associate professor in the Department of Dietetics & Nutrition. Dr. Palacios has conducted several trials in adolescents and adults to determine the effects of dietary supplements and functional foods on bone and body composition. She has developed and validated food frequency questionnaires to evaluate intake and tested interventions using technology for obesity prevention. Her research is currently focused on studying the role of diet and physical activity on obesity and weight gain in infants, children, adolescents, and pregnant women. She has been funded by NIH, USDA, RCMI and RTRN, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. She is an active member of the American Society of Nutrition and the Latin-American Nutrition Society (SLAN). In addition, she is a consultant for the World Health Organization in Vitamin D and for the Pan-American Health Organization in infant nutrition.


  • Purdue University, MSc, Ph.D., Postdoctoral training
  • Universidad Central de Venezuela, BA


Peer-reviewed publications based on research

1. Multi-site trial using short mobile messages (SMS) to improve infant weight in low-income minorities: Development, implementation, lessons learned and future applications.
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Research Support (Ongoing or Completed During the Last 5 Years)

Research Centers in Minority Institutions, RCMI, U54                                              2018-2023

P.I. Palacios C (FIU), Campos M (UPR) and Pomeroy J (Marshfield)

Title: Intervention to promote physical activation and improve sleep and feeding practices in infants for preventing obesity early in life (The Baby-Act Trial)


R01, NIH                                                                                                                         2016-2021

P.I. Weaver CM

Role: Co-investigator

Title: Trial of Dietary Patterns and Sodium Reduction on Blood Pressure in Adolescents


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Interdisciplinary Research Leadership             2016-2019

P.I.s: Palacios C (FIU), Campos M (UPR) & Reyes A (WIC Program)

Title: Transforming the Puerto Rico WIC Program to improve effectiveness in the promotion of healthy lifestyles early in childhood and a long-lasting culture


CTR-IN Pilot Grant Program                                                                                      2017-2018

P.I. Banna J (Univ. Hawaii)

Role: Co-investigator

Title: Preventing excessive gestational weight gain via short mobile messages in WIC



MBRS-Score SC1, NIH                                                                                                    2016-2017

P.I. Palacios C (UPR)

Title: Effect of Soluble Corn Fiber supplementation for 1 year on bone metabolism in adolescents


1U01DK94446-01, NIH                                                                                                  2011-2017

P.I.s: Joshipura, KL (UPR) & Frank, P (Lund University)

Role: Co-Investigator

Title: Pregnancy and EARly Lifestyle improvement Study (PEARLS)


USDA, 2014 Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI)                                    2015-2017

P.I. Halperin D (FIU; U North Carolina)

Role: Co-investigator

Title: Obesity prevention among overweight college students in Ponce, Puerto Rico.


U54MD008149 RCMI Translational Research Network                                              2015-2016

RTRN Small Grants Program Multi-Site Trials

P.I.s: Palacios C (UPR) & Janna B (Univ. Hawaii)

Title: Multi-site trial using short mobile messages (SMS) to improve infant weight in low-income minorities


Capacity Advancement in Research Infrastructure, UPR-MFP 6251123                2014-2016

and Internal Research funds (UPR)

P.I. Palacios C (UPR)

Title: Validation of an infant food frequency questionnaire


R25MD007607, 8U54MD007587-03 and 5G12MD007600 (NIMHHD)                      2012-2016

P.I. Palacios C (UPR)

Title: Vitamin D status and periodontal disease in Puerto Rican adults