Magnolia Hernandez appointed new Assistant Dean of Student & Alumni Affairs for Stempel College

Dr. Magnolia Hernandez has been appointed Assistant Dean of Student & Alumni Affairs for the Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work.

In the almost three years that she has been with the college, Dr. Hernandez has collaborated with heads of units, academic advisors, faculty, Magnolia Hernandezstaff, and her team, to support and improve the college’s student success metrics. She sought out and successfully secured a collaboration with the university’s central Academic and Career Success office to embed an Assistant Director of Career Development into the college who is dedicated to Stempel College students and alumni—a first for the college! As made evident by the college’s student programming and outreach activities in recent years, Dr. Hernandez has fostered an engaging, solutions-focused, student-centered environment that supports student success.

In her new role as assistant dean, Dr. Hernandez will provide leadership and oversight of the college’s recruitment and strategic enrollment, student success and student-centered metrics, student development, and alumni engagement.


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