Rochelle Moore Parrino

As a lifelong learner, Rochelle made a full-time commitment to the next stage in her career and entered the Ph.D. program in Public Health – Health Systems Research.

Back in 1978 (when punch cards were used to program computers) Rochelle obtained a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Miami following her baccalaureate degree from Barry University. Rochelle held a number of executive management/director level positions associated with several exemplary South Florida healthcare institutions such as Jackson Memorial Hospital, Tampa General Hospital, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Baptist Health South Florida, Tenet Healthcare and HCA Florida, primarily in the financial administrative departments. in addition, she has performed consulting work for a number of smaller healthcare related operations in home healthcare and physician office practices. Throughout her career, she passionately continued her education obtaining professional certifications and is Board certified through the American College of Healthcare Executives and the Healthcare Financial Management Association. Additionally, she currently participates as a board member for non-profit organizations and supports our local charitable institutions.

Dissertation: Three Essays on Insurance Coverage in the U.S. Healthcare System and the research topics are Uninsurance Impact on Community Provider Availability; Medicaid Program Expansion Impact on Community Provider Availability; and Community Public Health Infrastructure Impact on Insurance Enrollment.