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National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences awards FIU’s Stempel College $6.6 million to study Parkinson’s disease

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) has awarded Kim Tieu, professor and interim chair of the department of Environmental Health Sciences at FIU’s Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work, a $6.6 million grant to study how brain cells die in Parkinson’s disease and to develop effective drug therapies for this brain condition.

Brain, Behavior and the Environment Program

One of FIU’s Emerging Preeminent Programs, the Brain, Behavior and the Environment program focuses on factors that affect brain health. The transdisciplinary initiative unites the dynamic and diverse neuroscience community at FIU. Learn more about the program from post-doctoral researcher Dr. Aseel Eid and graduate student Alexander N. Rodichkin.

Social Work student gives helping hand to undocumented families

Today in the United States, nearly six million citizen children live with a family member who is undocumented, usually a parent.

Maryam Rafieifar started working with undocumented immigrants while she was a project manager for the International Committee of the Red Cross in her home country of Iran; she managed a project providing primary health care services to Afghan refugees and undocumented immigrants. The project expanded to include mental health services, referrals and social workers.

Hear it from our students: Ph.D. in Social Work

The field of Social Work allows practitioners the opportunity to improve the lives of people in society and engage in varying communities. By helping people function the best they can, Social Workers strive to improve lives on a daily basis or to change policies for the greater good.
Social Workers may lead the charge for social justice, affect policies that improve neighborhoods or work one-on-one with clients who need assistance and direction. 
At Stempel College, studying Social Work is an opportunity to learn from renowned faculty who are on the frontlines of social change as well as community engagement and research.