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We are proud to offer the Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) as well as a Minor in Social Welfare. The BSSW Program is a professional program where students learn in the classroom and field with the end goal of becoming a social worker. Students in the BSSW Program participate in two, semester-long internships. The Minor in Social Welfare is a good fit for students interested in majoring in other disciplines who may want to pursue a human services career in the future. Students in the minor do not participate in a social work internship and are not able to identify or practice as social workers upon graduation.

Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW)

We offer the Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) degree to select individuals who meet the prerequisite criteria. The program prepares students for generalist practice social work with individuals, groups, communities, and organizations. Students take 60 credits of social work courses, including two internships and an Introduction to Public Health course.


BSSW students must meet with their academic advisor, Sheila Jenkins-Boone (sjenkins@fiu.edu, 305-348-4415). Please schedule your academic advising appointment on Panthersoft through your dashboard.


For questions regarding admissions to the BSSW program, please contact Gladys Ramos, Admissions Program Assistant, at 305-348-5887 or glramos@fiu.edu.

Minor in Social Welfare

The Minor in Social Welfare is for baccalaureate degree-seeking students who are interested in careers in the human services field or who wish to study how common human needs are addressed within social welfare programs. Attainment of the Minor does not enable students to practice or identify themselves as social workers.

Admissions and Requirements

  • A 2.75 GPA is required for admission into the minor
  • Pre-requisite courses may be required for some of the courses listed (see chart below)
  • Students are required to take SOW 3203 Introduction to Social Work (no pre-requisite courses needed) along with four (4) other courses selected from the following chart: 
    Social Work Courses Pre-Requisites for Social Work Course
    SOW 3113 The Social Environment and Human Behavior I Biology with Human Content
    SOW 3100 The Social Environment and Human Behavior II Biology with Human Content; SOW 3113
    SOW 3232 Social Welfare Policy and Services I American Government; Economics
    SOW 3233 Social Welfare Policy and Services II American Government; Economics; SOW 3232; SOW 3203
    SOW 3801 Self-Awareness and Self-Modification for Practice None
    SOW 4272 Comparative Social Welfare Policy None
    SOW 4341 Behavioral Approaches to Social Work Practice None
    SOW 4654 Child Welfare: Policy and Practice SOW 3113 and SOW 3232
    SOW 4658 Interventions in Child Maltreatments SOW 3113
  • In order to obtain the Minor in Social Welfare, students must pass all five (5) of the courses with a “C” or above.
  • Students are urged to meet with their academic advisor before seeking a minor in social welfare.