At Stempel College, we think across academic boundaries.

The college explores the interconnectivity of social, biological, environmental and cultural elements of health and wellness. It’s a kaleidoscope of academic disciplines and lifelong learners from diverse backgrounds. This results in a broader understanding of the issues, and a robust set of solutions.

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Stempel College’s interdisciplinary structure combines the five major departments of public health in partnership with the disciplines of dietetics and nutrition, social work and disaster preparedness.

School of Social Work

The School of Social Work offers programs of study (BSSW, MSW, MSW/MPH, MSW/JD, PhD) that prepare graduates to work in governmental, academic, non-profit, and for-profit settings in community, regional, state and national systems.

Department of Dietetics and Nutrition

With a greater emphasis on preventive health care and improved eating habits, the Department of Dietetics and Nutrition is committed to supporting our communities by promoting healthier lifestyles through better nutrition across diverse populations.

Academy for International Disaster Preparedness

The Academy's mandate is to establish a professional pathway for existing disaster responders and new students exploring the exciting field of international disaster management, humanitarian relief, emergency preparedness and homeland security.