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Stempel College offers degrees and certificates in Public Health, Social Work, Dietetics & Nutrition and Disaster Preparedness. But the work doesn't stop there. Our unique location and community partnerships help open the door to countless opportunities for our students. From interning at a local nonprofit organization to conducting research on diseases that affect disadvantaged communities, here at Stempel College, our students build careers that make an impact and change lives.

How to apply

Public Health students must apply via SOPHAS.

All other students should apply via FIU Admissions link below and visit each program's page to get additional information on program-specific admissions requirements. 

Find Your Program
  • School of Public Health

    The field of public health is growing, quickly. To study and work in public health is a commitment to better lives every day in every part of the world. Looking at health from the macro or micro level, public health offers concentrations in  BiostatisticsEnvironmental Health SciencesEpidemiology, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. and  Online Master of Public Health Generalist.

    Public Health students application

    Prospective Public Health students need to apply using our centralized website:  SOPHAS

    Students start by selecting the programs they wish to apply to, then submit one application that includes all necessary materials. It’s important for our Public Health student population to apply using SOPHAS.

    To be considered for admission, all applicants must submit the following required application materials.

    1. SOPHAS application
    2. Review the  SOPHAS Quick Start Guide 
  • School of Social Work

    The field of social work allows practitioners the opportunity to improve the lives of people in society and engage in varying communities. By helping people function the best they can, social workers strive to improve lives on a daily basis or to change policies for the greater good. 

  • Department of Dietetics & Nutrition

    The field of dietetics and nutrition is dynamic and rapidly evolving as more research examines the relationships between food, nutrition, human health and disease. With a greater emphasis on preventive health care and improved eating habits, we are committed to supporting our communities by promoting healthier lifestyles through better nutrition across diverse populations.

  • Academy of International Disaster Preparedness

    The Academy for International Preparedness (AIDP) offers both an undergraduate and graduate program in Disaster Management. These degrees are offered as a face-to-face cohort for the graduate program, face-to-face for the undergraduate program and online and hybrid formats for both the graduate and undergraduate programs.


    AIDP provides the training that your organization needs. The South Florida region is home to many of the world’s premier response agencies. As such, AIDP is ready to provide the training and education needed to manage complex incidents and disasters. Located at the international hub of Miami-Dade County, AIDP is also positioned to serve the needs of organizations and agencies operating in Latin American and the Caribbean. AIDP has formed partnerships with other university units, local and international organizations to draw from the World’s top expertise in the fields of emergency management. Training that is provided is created based on field input from practitioners.

Contact us


Want us to come to you?

Our program advisors and faculty are happy to come speak to you and your colleagues about how you can pursue advanced degrees in Public Health, Dietetics & Nutrition, Social Work and Disaster Management. To schedule a visit to your organization, please contact our Admissions Manager, Jose Candelaria, at or 305-348-0457.

Funding your education

We understand that academic success can be affected by financial aid and funding opportunities. Our students have access to countless funding options by degree level (bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral) and by academic discipline (Public Health, Dietetics & Nutrition, Social Work). It’s important to understand the basics of applying for financial aid and the additional resources available to you as a student.