Graduate Certificate in Pediatric Nutrition

The Pediatric Certificate Program offers students at the post-baccalaureate level the opportunity to pursue an interdisciplinary concentration in the study of pediatric nutrition.  The certificate empowers dietitians/nutritionists and other health care professionals to integrate nutrition into health care and public health settings with pregnant and lactating women, infants and children. The mission of the program is to advance the nutrition and health of children and families by promoting innovation and excellence in pediatric nutrition education, research and civic engagement locally, nationally and globally.

The graduate certificate program requires the completion of 15 graduate credits. The pediatric student must have completed an undergraduate dietetics program or equivalent with a strong science background. The Graduate Certificate in Pediatric Nutrition is a fully online graduate/professional certificate program that consists of two core courses plus at least three additional specialty courses over an academic year.

View the Graduate Certificate in Pediatric Nutrition Advising Sheet (PDF).

Required Courses (6 credits)

HUN 6415Pediatric Nutrition3
HUN 6416Advanced Pediatric Nutrition3
Choose at least three of these specialty courses: (9
HUN 6417Nutrition of the High Risk Infant and Newborn in Intensive Care3
DIE 6287Dysfunctional Eating in Pediatrics3
DIE 6286Pediatric Obesity3
DIE 6285Pregnancy and Lactation3