Faculty Assembly

The college constitution and bylaws provide a structure of democratic governance for the Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work. It reflects our values to embrace the responsibility to be a force for good for our students and the diversity of our communities through ethical research and problem solving, while educating and serving with courage, integrity, fairness and respect.

Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work Constitution and Bylaws

Faculty Assembly: The Faculty Assembly and its derivative committees are the official body through which the faculty exercises college-wide program design, implementation and evaluation, with final approval of Dean Tomás R. Guilarte. Members of the Faculty Assembly include all tenured and tenure-earning faculty members, plus research faculty with Departmental obligations who are annually evaluated by the Department Chair/School Director, and any instructor, practice or non-tenure earning faculty who have an appointment of 50% FTW, or more in a Department or School. All of the above have full voting rights. The Chairs and Dean are considered part of the voting faculty with one vote each.

Meeting Agenda

Agenda for Faculty Assembly Meeting - April 7, 2022

Meeting Minutes

Faculty Assembly Meeting Minutes - November 15, 2021