Catherine Coccia, PhD, RD

Associate Professor Director, PhD. Program

Dietetics and Nutrition

Office: AHC5-316

Phone: 305-348-0194



Childhood Obesity, Community Health


Dr. Catherine C. Coccia is an associate professor in the Department of Dietetics and Nutrition. Dr. Coccia is also a registered dietitian with experience working with children and families to improve health outcomes through proper nutrition. She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the National Council for Family Relations. Dr. Coccia’s research combines basic science in child health and evaluation of community-based programs to increase health related outcomes in diverse populations. She has received funding for her research examining the role that schools and parents play on the health behaviors of adolescents and emerging adults, and has contributed to the development of several community-based interventions for diverse populations.


Nutrition Intervention and Community Education (N.I.C.E.) Lab


  • Florida State University, Ph.D.
  • University of Florida, BS, MS-DI

Publications & Research

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