Funding Your Education

At Stempel College, we understand that academic success can be affected by financial aid and funding opportunities. Our students have access to myriad funding options by degree level (bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral) and by academic discipline (Public Health, Dietetics & Nutrition, Social Work, and Disaster Management). Remember: we are always here to help, so if you need someone to brainstorm with, need feedback on your scholarship essay, or if you are just having trouble finding the right award at the right time, don’t hesitate to schedule a meeting with us. The Stempel College Office of Student & Alumni Affairs is located in AHC5-145. You can ask to see Jeanette Lopez ( or Magnolia Hernandez ( for scholarship questions.

Financial Aid and your FAFSA Application

Before you carefully consider your options, you should submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and list FIU as the institution that should receive your FAFSA records and Student Aid Report (SAR). Depending on your unique situation and status, you may be eligible for federal aid. Additionally, most scholarship or fellowship applications may require completion of a FAFSA application.

The FAFSA application:

To learn more about the type of aid that is available (e.g., grants, loans, work-study jobs, etc.), visit

Stempel College Scholarship Collection

Stempel College offers a core set of scholarships that are awarded on a competitive basis in various categories, including but not limited to merit awards for academic excellence, travel awards for conference presentations and practicum or internship awards, to name a few.

Auslander Family Scholarship

The Department of Dietetics & Nutrition is proud to offer the Auslander Family Scholarship. The Auslander Family Scholarship is intended to recognize and provide financial support for outstanding students who wish to become a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist.  The recipient must have a proven academic and achievement record and have the potential to make a major contribution to the profession of dietetics.


The number of awards and amount of each award varies. All scholarship awards are paid through the University to the recipient’s University account.

Eligibility Criteria

The Auslander Family Scholarship will be awarded on a competitive basis to candidates who demonstrate financial need and the ability to be an excellent dietetic student.  Applicants will only be considered for the scholarship if they meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • be seeking a master’s degree in the Department of Dietetics & Nutrition
  • be accepted into the Department’s dietetic internship
  • demonstrate financial need
  • exemplify the values and ethical principles of the Code of Ethics for the profession of dietetics as set forth by the Academy of  Nutrition and Dietetics

Selection Criteria 

The Auslander Scholarship Committee will review and score the applications according to a rubric.  The three applicants with the highest scores will be interviewed. After the interviewing phase, a decision will be rendered.

The Department reserves the right to revoke the scholarship in the event the student is not fulfilling the requirements of the coordinated program/dietetic internship.

Application deadline is February 15, 2019. For additional requirements and application materials, please visit the FIU Academicworks Scholarships website.  The application portal for spring will open on November 19, 2018 and will close on February 15, 2019.

C.V. Starr Scholarship


The C.V. Starr Scholarship assists students from Latin America and The Caribbean, who are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree in one of the three major disciplines at Stempel College, with an award of up to $24,000.

The recipient is awarded a fixed stipend that may be applied toward University tuition, fees, books and supplies, housing/living expenses and travel. Students may also receive a full tuition waiver when the scholarship amount is equal to the amount required by the University Graduate School to obtain a tuition waiver for doctoral studies.
Recipients are selected competitively based on academic performance, commitment to social or public health and financial need.

Upon successful completion of the program, students who have retained the C.V. Starr Scholarship funding throughout their enrollment are referred to as “Starr Scholars.”


Applicants must meet/fulfill these requirements:

Be from a country in Latin America or The Caribbean—or provide evidence of Latin American or Caribbean origin.

Meet the minimum admission requirements for their respective doctoral programs and have submitted a completed graduate admissions application at the time of CV Starr Scholarship application.

Award Recipients must meet/fulfill these requirements:

Must be fully admitted to a doctoral program in the Stempel College, maintain full-time enrollment status and a 3.0 GPA throughout the term of the scholarship.

Conduct research, teach or do community service activities under the direction of a faculty advisor.

Deliver a culminating project (i.e., dissertation, scholarly paper, etc.) on a topic relevant to their home country.
It is the student’s responsibility to obtain necessary visas and to arrange for transportation and housing. FIU’s Office of International Student Services may be of assistance in these matters.

Recipients must re-apply for C.V. Starr Scholarship funding each academic year. Continuation of the scholarship for the selected recipient(s) will depend on his/her academic performance and other criteria indicated below.

The application package must include:

  • The completed application form.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • A pdf copy of your unofficial transcripts.
  • A typed personal statement (double spaced, three-pages maximum) which includes:

A one-paragraph summary of your research accomplishments/interests and career plans.

A description of your Latin American or Caribbean heritage and your vision for research or community service activities in social or public health that will benefit your home country.

Your goals as a doctoral student and how the financial assistance of this scholarship will help you fulfill those goals.

Applications are accepted beginning November 2018 until February 2019 for coverage of the fall, spring, and summer semesters of the upcoming 2019-2020 academic year.

Click here to access the online application.

**The award does not renew automatically. Eligible doctoral students must re-apply for C.V. Starr scholarship funding each year. **

A typed personal statement (double spaced, two-page maximum) which includes the following:

Post-acceptance requirements:

  • Confirmation of acceptance of forms.

Submit an appropriate photo. No selfies, please.

  • Provide name of faculty advisor/mentor.
  • Brief biography, notable achievements, etc.
  • Thank you note to the donor.

For more information, please contact Jeanette Lopez in OSAA at or 305-348-4692.

FIU Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training Fellowship

All interested students entering their MSW clinical practicum (MSW II) in Summer 2019 may apply for the FIU Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training Fellowship.

If selected as a Behavioral Health Fellow, you will receive:

  • Placement at one of the following agencies:
    • Banyan Health Systems
    • Citrus Health Network
    • FIU Green Family Foundation NeighborhoodHELP
    • The Village South
  • Additional required interprofessional behavioral health course
    • Weekly hybrid format
    • Does not count as MSW elective
  • $10,000 stipend
  • Tuition waiver – up to 9 credits for one semester

This will be a highly selective process, including:

  • Minimum 3.25 GPA
  • Strong interest in behavioral health, particularly with underserved communities
  • Personal narrative
  • Personal interview


Apply Now: FIUBehavioralHealthFellowApplication

Application deadline is 12:00pm on November 16, 2018

Questions? Email


Marian Dumaine Scholarship for MSW Students


This scholarship honors the memory of Dr. Marian Dumaine, former field coordinator for the School of Social Work. The award provides funding for Master of Social Work students entering the field practicum, or field internship, component of their coursework. Students must demonstrate financial need as well as a high level of commitment to the field of social work through academic achievements and community engagement. One Dumaine Scholarship for $1,000 is awarded each semester to help recipients balance the extra costs of field practicum.


Applicants must be fully admitted into the MSW program and must be accepted into the field practicum for the semester in which the scholarship is awarded.

The application must include:

  1.  Personal Essay (1000 words maximum): Describe your commitment to the field of social work, and how receiving hands-on training outside of the classroom will help you reach your professional goals.
  2. Letter of support from a social work faculty member familiar with your academic achievements. The faculty member’s letter must detail academic aptitude and participation in school, college, University and community activities.
  3. Current resume

The Application deadline for the fall awards is in June. The deadline for the spring awards is in November. For additional requirements and application materials, please visit the FIU Academicworks Scholarships website.  The application portal for spring will reopen in October  2018. The application deadline is TBA.



Public Health Community Workers Program

Stempel College is recruiting public health students interested in community health learning opportunities in South Miami. The Public Health Community Workers Program is designed to help participants obtain competencies in community work, while developing and delivering population health activities.

Students will develop targeted population-based health activities aimed at the community’s priorities, including:

  • hypertension prevention
  • oral health
  • family planning
  • smoking cessation
  • substance abuse prevention

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in both process and outcome evaluations.


  • Current Stempel College MPH Students
  • Students with no current source of funding

Application Deadline: Summer 2018—April 6, 2018

Program overview and requirements PDF 

To access the application, please click here.

Robert Walker Scholarship for MPH Students

The AIDS Help of Monroe County, Inc. (AHI) award is for Stempel College students who are enrolled full time in the Master of Public Health and who are interested in engaging in an AHI internship or practicum for one semester. The duties and responsibilities linked to the internship or practicum may be fulfilled remotely. The awardee must have access to technology (i.e., skype, etc) to meet and communicate regularly with the AHI project director.

The object, general purpose and nature of AIDS Help of Monroe County, Inc. (AHI) is to establish and maintain in Monroe County, Florida, a nonprofit HIV/AIDS agency that will provide case managed healthcare, food programs, counseling, housing, clinical, and other supportive and volunteer services; increase affordable housing by acquiring, developing, and maintaining low income housing for persons in need; and conduct health education and linkage to care.

AHI is a public health agency that practices within FIU Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work’s core concentration areas: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention; Health Policy and Management; Biostatistics; Epidemiology; and Environmental Health Sciences. AHI is looking for an intern who embodies the agency’s core values of honesty, compassion, teamwork, sense of humor, empowerment, diversity, integrity, and fairness. We are most intrigued by a student who is interested in our line of work. This intern would be helpful in moving our agency forward through the many processes of development that are necessary in sustainability.

This internship project would be based upon the following key responsibilities:

  • HIV/AIDS Intensive Case Management Program services development and evaluation
  • Prevention and Outreach management, specifically through social media
  • Researching potential funding sources to better offset the loss of PAC Medicaid Waiver income


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • MPH student enrolled full time and in good standing
  • Minimum 3.25 GPA
  • Strongly preferred concentrations: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention or Health Policy and Management
  • May apply as an intern or to fulfill MPH practicum requirements. For the latter, the student must be in touch with the Stempel College MPH Practicum Coordinator, Ms. Florence Greer

The deadline for the fall award will be in May. The deadline for the spring award will be in September.

The application portal for spring will reopen on September 11, 2018 and close on October 11, 2018. Additional requirements and application materials can be accessed by visiting the FIU Academicworks Scholarships page

Stempel Research Award for Newly Admitted Master's Students

The Stempel Research scholarship provides new master’s students with the opportunity to engage in a research project with a Stempel faculty member. Students will receive hands-on research experience working alongside a faculty member on a pre-determined topic or project for two consecutive semesters.

The recipient receives a one-time, non-renewable fixed scholarship which may be applied towards University tuition, fees, books and supplies, housing/living expenses and travel. The recipient will be selected based on specific criteria. Continuation of support from one semester to the next will be based on the student’s academic and research progress each semester. This is a one-time award, provided to the recipient in the first year of study in a master’s program.

Applicants must:
• Be a new/entering student
• Motivated to work on a research project with a faculty member
• Meet the minimum admission requirements for their respective master’s program and must have been fully admitted into the program at the time of Stempel Scholarship application.
• Have a minimum of a 3.5 undergraduate (UG 60) GPA.
• Submit an essay, current resume, and recommendation form
• Meet the qualifications for the identified project
• Submit the endorsement/approval from project leader (faculty)

Additional information about the award and the application process will be forthcoming .

The application portal for spring will reopen on November 1, 2018. The application deadline will be March 1, 2019.

You may also contact Jeanette Lopez at the Stempel College Office of Student and Alumni Affairs at or 305-348-4692.

Stempel Travel Award

The Stempel Travel Award provides support to graduate students to travel to conference or scientific meetings to present papers or posters. Graduate students in the college’s three major disciplines can apply. The scholarship is awarded based on the quality of the paper or poster, the student letter, the faculty letter, quality of the scientific conference or meeting and adequate progress toward completion of the degree.

A total of 6 Stempel Travel Awards in the amount of $750 each will be awarded during the academic year.


  • Must be a graduate student in the college (master’s or PhD)
  • Applicant must have submitted an abstract; have had an abstract accepted for presentation at a conference or meeting; or must have applied and been accepted to attend a workshop for professional development.
  • Students that are presenting can only apply if the paper has been accepted
  • Stempel College graduate students are eligible to apply for up to one travel award per academic year.
  • Priority will be given to students who are traveling in the semester in which the award is disbursed.

Application materials:

Applicant Statement

The application must include a statement from you that includes the following: statement of professional purpose; research interests and goals for a career in your academic discipline; how the conference or meeting fits in the scope of your presentation; description of the research that you will be presenting and the contribution of the research to your discipline; your contribution to the research and writing of the paper or poster; relevance of the abstract/presentation/workshop and how it aligns with your professional goals; how the funding will help you achieve those goals.

For professional development, include a statement of professional purpose; research interests and goals for a career in your academic discipline; relevance of the professional development event and how it aligns with your professional goals; how the funding will help you achieve those goals.

Submission or Acceptance Notification

The application must include a copy of the paper or poster to be presented.

The application must include a copy of the letter or email accepting the paper or poster.

If you are attending a professional development event, please include a copy of the registration and/or email confirmation that you registered.

Faculty Letter of Support

The application must include a letter of support from a member of College’s faculty familiar with your work. The faculty member’s letter must detail your progress toward completing the degree, an evaluation of the quality of the paper or poster to be presented, your role in the research and development of the paper or poster presentation, and the relevance of the workshop or presentation as it aligns with your professional enhancement.

Post-Award Process

  • Students must submit an appropriate photo to include with application. No selfies, please.
  • Student must provide name of faculty advisor/mentor.
  • Brief bio, notable achievements, etc.
  • Thank you note to the donor will be appreciated.

The college’s Scholarship Committee will evaluate applications and winners will be notified by email and letter. The email will also be sent to the student’s department chair/school director.

Application deadline for the fall awards is September 9, 2018. For additional requirements and application materials, please visit the FIU Academicworks Scholarships website.  The application portal for spring will reopen on December 3, 2018 and will close on January 31, 2019.

The Health Effect Fellowship for MPH Students

The Health Effect is designed to impact “whole child, whole school, and whole community” through strategic collaborations that increase the collective capacity for all children to succeed in school and thrive in their communities. This unique opportunity allows fellows to develop educational, advocacy and leadership skills for the care of under-served populations in Little Haiti, Overtown and Liberty City.

The fellow should have direct interest in the core areas of child/adolescent health, active living lifestyles, nutrition and dietetics, and community health education. The fellow should have the ability to motivate and engage members in ways that result in positive health and wellness outcomes.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Collect, analyze and utilize health-related data to identify areas of greatest opportunity for change.
  • Perform community outreach activities, such as facilitating workshops and events on building a culture of health and making gains in areas related to health promotion.
  • Establish baseline and measurement criteria, evaluate programs, and report results.
  • Use assessment tools provided to audit the physical space, environment, and communications promoting healthy behaviors, to assist participants in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Collaborate with the MDCPS teachers, staff and administration to assess community capacity and community needs.
  • Refer participants, as appropriate, to mental health and physical health services.
  • Conduct home visits.
  • Maintain accurate records of interviews, assessments and safeguarding the confidentiality of subjects, as necessary.

These activities will be completed through 20 hours/week of on-site work in one of the three priority communities: Little Haiti, Overtown or Liberty City.


  • Educational stipend of $5000 per academic year ($2500 per semester during the Fall and Spring).
  • Students may use fellowship projects to satisfy MPH practicum requirements (pending permission from Ms. Greer, the practicum coordinator).

Required Eligibility Criteria

  • Full-time Master of Public Health student. Though all MPH students are eligible, preference will be given to students in the Maternal and Child Health concentration.
  • Good Academic Standing.
  • Excellent written and communication skills.
  • Have access to transportation and ability to readily travel to Little Haiti, Overtown or Liberty City.
  • Successfully complete a level II background check, including fingerprinting through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Preferred skills

  • Bilingual: Haitian-Creole or Spanish speakers preferred.
  • Interest in health equity, public health, health disparities and community-based research.

Additional Information
Students participating in the fellowship program will complete a project under the guidance of their major advisor. Several deliverables are expected at the end of the program. Each student is responsible for developing:

  • An abstract detailing the research and findings to be submitted to local, national or international health conferences.
  • A draft of a manuscript corresponding to the research findings.
  • A poster and/or oral presentation.

Ongoing guidance and support will be provided throughout the fellowship to ensure students are able to successfully meet the above deliverable obligations.

Ideally, students will serve as fellows for one year (fall and spring semesters). However, the award may be renewed for more than two semesters based on the program’s need). Application deadline is November 19, 2018. Additional requirements and application materials can be accessed by visiting the FIU Academicworks Scholarships page

Questions? Contact Christine M. Domé, Coordinator of Administrative Services, P: 305-348-4526 or at

FIU Scholarships

In keeping with its commitment to student access and success, FIU offers a wide range of scholarships to students. These opportunities are updated quite often; we recommend visiting the FIU Scholarships website at to create a scholarship profile that is specifically tailored to your interests.

The University also provides additional scholarship and financial aid information for new FIU students at

Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students

In addition to the college and University scholarships, graduate students have a number of funding opportunities available to them, which are typically divided into the following two categories—graduate assistantships and fellowships.

Graduate Assistantships: If you are interested in applying for a graduate assistantship, please reach out to your academic unit to inquire about availability.


Funding Opportunities for International Students

The following links provide resources specific to international students:

Florida Linkage Scholarship – Florida-Caribbean Institute

Florida Linkage Scholarship – Florida-Mexico Institute

Florida Linkage Scholarship – Other Florida Linkage Institutes

Florida/West Africa Linkage Institute Waiver

FAIE Scholarship

Financial Resources- Office of International Student & Scholar Services

International Education Financial Aid (IEFA)

Latin American & Caribbean Graduate Fellowship

World Health Organization Pan American Sanitary Bureau Regional Office

America-Mideast Educational and Training Services, Inc.

US Agency for International Development Ronald Reagan Building

Fulbright Program Placement and Special Services Division Institute of International Education

Organization of American States Department of Fellowships and Training

Latin American Scholarship Program of American Universities

National Association for Foreign Student Affairs

Ford Foundation

Kellogg-International Fellowship

AAUW Educational Foundation Fellowships and Grants

Rockefeller Foundation

World Learning

Funding Opportunities for Online Students

Things to Know About Financial Aid in Online Degree Programs

Scholarships for online learners

External Funding Opportunities

In addition to the funding opportunities that are available to you through Stempel College and FIU, you also have a variety of external funding opportunities that may match perfectly with your individual interests and needs.

Many of these opportunities can be found below:

Alexander de Moya Scholarship

Chateaubriand Fellowship Call 2019-2020

Gates Millennium Scholars Program (GMSP)

Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF)

United Negro College Fund (UNCF)

Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund

American Indian College Fund

National Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship Program

Public Health Online

Society for Public Health Education

Funding opportunities for MPH students

Dr. Alma Adams Scholarship

Public Health Associate Program (PHAP)

ASPPH Scholarship and Funding Information

Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

NASW Foundation Awards

Phi Alpha Honor Society Scholarships

CSWE Scholarships and Fellowships

NASW Consuelo Gosnell Memorial MSW Scholarship

CSWE – Carl A. Scott Memorial Fund

Online Scholarships Database for all students

American Federation for Aging Research Scholarship for PhD Students

AEL Collegiate Essay Contest

CashCourse “My Story” Essay Contest