Marianna Baum

Marianna Baum

Distinguished Professor

Dietetics & Nutrition

Office: AHC5-327

Phone: 305-348-2888



Dr. Marianna K. Baum, PhD, RD, serves as the Distinguished University Professor at the Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work, Florida International University in Miami, Florida. Dr. Baum is a highly recognized researcher nationally and internationally in HIV and metabolism. She created a new field of investigation on the nutritional needs of people infected with HIV, for which she was awarded numerous NIH grants, followed by a whole range of research focusing on these issues. Later, she initiated a field of research on the nutritional needs of people who abuse drugs who had an increased likelihood of HIV and Hepatitis C infection. She has received close to $100 million in scientific grants during her career and authored hundreds of high-impact publications, book chapters and presentations at national and international conferences.  During the same timeframe, Dr. Baum served on numerous NIH study sections, and was selected as a member of the prestigious College of Center for Scientific Review. In spring of 2020, Dr. Baum was asked to develop, establish, and run a High-Complexity laboratory that must meet and exceed regulatory, scientific, and policy criteria to pass Federal Inspection from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for accreditation to accept human samples for diagnostic testing. This complicated, time-intense, and challenging task benefited not only the FIU community but was part of the larger effort to help the State of Florida to effectively respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, for the University, she has served as the Chair of the Faculty Assembly, as well as on several University, College, and Departmental committees including the Faculty Senate. Dr. Baum also works with the community to provide the highest level of healthcare service to the underserved and/or vulnerable populations. She was recognized by the Florida International University as the FIU Top Scholar, received a Red Cross Cervera Ambassador Award, Gold Medal Award for Outstanding Achievements in Science, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce “Badass Woman of the Year,” an Honorary Member of Omicron Delta Kappa; a fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology, a member of the Honor Society of Sigma XI, and early in her career, the recipient of the Research Career Development Award from NIH.


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Ongoing and completed research support (2015-2025)

2022-2025       Principal Investigator, NIH/NIMHD: #1U01MD017423-01 “Community-Engaged Research on COVID-19 Testing Among Underserved and/or Vulnerable Populations Phase II” $2,211,124.   

2020-2023       Principal Investigator, NIH/NIDA: #3U01DA040381-05S1 “Community-Engaged Research on COVID-19 Testing Among Underserved and/or Vulnerable Populations” $ 4,023,864.

2015-2023       Principal Investigator, NIH/NIDA: Cohort Studies on HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse in Miami. #1U01DA040381, $8,627,877.

2016-2023       Consortium Principal Investigator, NIH/NIDA: OMICs to define impact of cocaine on immunity and liver disease in HIV infection. #5R01DA042712, $1,112,362.

2016-2023       Consortium Principal Investigator, NIH/NIDA: An Unbiased OMICs Approach to Identify Mechanisms of Cocaine Regulation of the HIV Reservoir. #5R01DA043263, $1,510,630.

5017-2018       Principal Investigator, NIH/NIDA: Cohort Studies on HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse in Miami. Administrative Supplement #3 U01 DA040381-02S1. $766,800.