Shedrick Boren

Clinical Assistant Professor

School of Social Work



Public Policy, Advocacy, Human Rights, Health and Social Services, Vulnerable Populations, Bioethics


Shed Boren is a social worker and healthcare executive recognized for his advocacy for others. He has worked for, and on behalf of, vulnerable populations for more than 30 years, with a focus on those living with HIV/AIDS, chronic diseases, mental health challenges and in poverty. Dr. Boren has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Camillus Health Concern, Camillus House, Sister Emmanuel Hospital and as the founder of Mercy Hospital’s AIDS program. Over the years he has developed a special interest in working with people experiencing homelessness, those aging out of foster care, and those in contact with the criminal justice system. Dr. Boren served as the Executive Producer of the Emmy Award-winning film, The Day It Snowed in Miami (2014) and Sisters, a film about Sister Helen Prejean (2018). He remains active in the community and he is on the Board of Directors of LEAP and Guitars over Guns. In recognition of his advocacy for marginalized populations, he received the FIU Path Award in 2016.


  • University of Miami, MBA, Ph.D.
  • Saint Louis University, Post Graduate Training in Clinical Health Care Ethics
  • University of Houston, MSW
  • Southwestern University, BA