Sofia B. Fernandez

Assistant Professor

School of Social Work



Community based research, behavioral health, alleviation of health disparities


Sofia Fernandez is a clinically trained social worker with a doctorate in social welfare. Her research is focused on improving HIV outcomes through community-engaged and mixed-method approaches that involve priority populations in the research process. Fernandez has a strong background and training in examining contextual factors of health and well-being including cultural, social, economic, and community influences on health. Additionally, Fernandez works on a grant to provide evaluation to community-based organizations that implement evidence-based interventions to reduce health disparities in South Florida. In her previous roles, she has served as a street outreach advocate for two social service agencies in Florida that serve homeless and transient families with immediate and respite services. In addition to her research, Dr. Fernandez is a Licensed Clinical Social Work Intern in the State of Florida. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work.


Community-Based Research Institute


  • Florida International University, PhD Social Welfare 2017
  • Florida State University, Masters in Social Work 2014
  • Florida State University, Bachelors in Social Work 2013


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