Aaliyah Gray

Postdoctoral Associate


Office: AHC5 482

Phone: 305-348-7792

Email: aagray@fiu.edu


Sexual health, HIV/STIs, Positive development, Black women, Women's health


Aaliyah Gray, Ph.D., is a Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Epidemiology at Florida International University. In 2022, she received her Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Psychology from Fordham University with training in developmental theory, program evaluation, research ethics, and health psychology. The objective of her research is to promote health and wellbeing in girls and women through the application of socio-ecological frameworks. Her doctoral work examined the relationship between sexual self-efficacy and sexual health outcomes among young Black women who have sex with men and women, and parental factors of pediatric HPV and COVID-19 vaccine intentions among mothers of children and adolescents. Her current research interests include sexual and reproductive health outcomes, access to sexual and reproductive health services, patient-provider relationships, and the impact of policy on behavior. As a postdoctoral associate in HIV epidemiology, she currently contributes to two NIMHD-funded awards focused on the experiences of people with HIV in Miami-Dade, Florida and the impact of women- and patient-centered care on HIV outcomes (PI Trepka: R01MD013563 & R01MD012421). In 2023, she was selected to receive a research award through the FIU-RCMI Pilot Grant Program (U54MD012393) to examine the direct and indirect effects of state-level sexual education and reproductive health policy on sexual wellbeing, access to sexual and reproductive healthcare services, and sexual health outcomes among young adult black women. Dr. Gray has also received external research and travel grants from multiple organizations including GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality, the American Psychological Association, the American Psychological Foundation, and PSI CHI for her work.


  • Fordham University, Ph.D.
  • Fordham University, M.A.
  • Stetson University, B.A.


Gray, A., & Fisher, C. B. (2024). An examination of the independent and intersectional effects of racial and heterosexist medical mistrust on timing of sexual/reproductive health care visits among Black sexual minority women in the United States in the USA. Culture, Health Sexuality. Online ahead of print. https://doi.org/10.1080/13691058.2024.2304150

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