Tan Li

Associate Professor

Department of Biostatistics

Office: AHC5-464

Phone: 305-348-4814

Email: tanli@fiu.edu


Ordinal Data Analysis, Multilevel Mixture Models, Longitudinal Data Analysis


Dr. Tan Li received his doctoral degree in statistics in 2011 from the University of South Carolina. He joined the Department of Biostatistics at Florida International University (FIU) in 2012 and is currently an assistant professor and deputy director of the Integrated Biostatistics and Data Management Center.

Dr. Li’s research interests include item response theory for ordinal data analysis, multilevel regression modeling, logic regression modeling, and biostatistical applications in public health, social work, and psychology. Dr. Li has provided biostatistical support for numerous funded studies in the Center of Children and Families (CCF) and the Center for Research on U.S. Latino HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse (CRUSADA).


  • University of South Carolina, MS, Ph.D.
  • Shandong University, BS


* denotes graduate students as the first author.

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