Master's of Public Health (MPH) with a Concentration in Infectious Disease

The Master of Public Health (MPH) degree with a concentration in infectious disease is designed to prepare students to embark on challenging careers that address significant emerging and reemerging infectious disease problems relevant to the tropics and subtropics. Students will complete 45 credits: 15 credits for core public health courses, 15 credits for epidemiology concentration courses, 9 credits for infectious disease concentration, practicum and integrative seminar (3 credits each).


PHC 6945 (Practicum in Public Health) and PHC 6930C (Integrative Seminar in Public Health/culminating experience) are both required for all MPH students.

The practicum may be taken after completing a minimum of 30 hours, including all core courses. The practicum may be waived if the student has at least three years of relevant practice experience working in a public health setting. The waiver request is prepared and submitted by the student through their faculty advisor and department chair. If the practicum requirement is waived, the student will need to substitute three additional approved hours so that the total curriculum hour requirement of 45 is met. MPH students are expected to complete PHC 6930C Integrative Seminar in Public Health during their last semester in the program.


  • PHC 6510: Advanced Infectious and Tropical Disease Epidemiology
  • PHC 6009: AIDS Epidemiology and Control
  • PHC 6591: Reproductive Health Epidemiologyor PHC 6993 Healthcare Epidemiology and Infection Control