Graduate Certificate in Environmental Health Sciences

This Graduate Certificate provides a graduate level instruction to educate and support individuals in the public health and global health workforce by enhancing their knowledge and skills in environmental health research and practice to influence policies.

Upon completion of the certificate, the student will be able to identify and assess toxicity to manage environmental (including workplace) exposures of chemical, biological, and radiological risks to human health. This certificate program is open to non degree-seeking individuals only.

Program requirements

The Graduate Certificate Program requires the completion of 18 graduate credits. The student must demonstrate proficiency in the identification and characterization of human health risks from exposures to environmental and workplace contaminants.

Students who are proficient in any one area covered by the required courses may choose from selected alternative courses to complete their requirements.

Required courses

Required Courses (12 credits)
PHC 6315 Introduction to Environmental Health Sciences 3
PHC 6355 Environmental Health and Safety 3
PHC 6310 Environmental Toxicology 3
PHC 6311 Environ. Health Risk Assessment 3

Elective Courses (6 credits)
PHC 6374 Environ. Disasters & Human Health 3
PHC 6538 Gene and Environment Interaction 3
PHC 6312C Health Impacts of Air, Water, and Land Pollution 3
PHC 6442 Global Environmental Public Health 3
PHC 6224 Regulatory Aspects of Environmental 
Health 3

Admission requirements

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university. Science or biology related background with a graduate course in biostatistics, statistics, or social science statistics is desirable.

Graduation (completion) Requirements

Completion of 18 graduate credits with an overall ‘B’ average.