Graduate Certificate in Environmental Health

This Graduate Certificate seeks to provide graduate level instruction in environmental and occupational health to non-graduate-degreed practitioners. Upon completion of the certificate, the student will be able to develop, implement, manage, and assess environmental and occupational health programs for local, state, and Federal regulatory agencies. This certificate program is open to non-degree-seeking students only.

Program requirements

The Graduate Certificate Program requires the completion of 18 graduate credits. The student must demonstrate proficiency in the identification and characterization of human and ecological exposures to environmental and occupational contaminants. Students who are proficient in any one area covered by the required courses may choose from selected alternative courses to complete their requirements.

Required courses

(18 credits)

PHC 6315Introduction to Environmental Health3
PHC 6355Occupational Health and Safety3
PHC 6310Environmental and Occupational Toxicology3
PHC 6307Exposure Assessment in Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology3
PHC 6001Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology3
PHC 6004Injury Epidemiology and Violence Prevention3

Admission requirements

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university, and must have completed a prerequisite graduate course in biostatistics or social science statistics.

Graduation (completion) Requirements

Completion of 18 graduate credits with an overall ‘B’ average.