MSW/MPH Combined Program

We are excited to offer the MSW/MPH dual degree, an interdisciplinary, three-year program incorporating knowledge and skills from social work and public health. Students can choose from a concentration in clinical social work and generalist public health or a concentration in clinical social work and health promotion & disease prevention. Graduates from the MSW/MPH program will be able to work and lead in local and state health departments, federal health agencies, managed care organizations, hospitals, community-based organizations, and advocacy agencies. They will be able to provide direct clinical services, serve as program coordinators, administrators, consultants, planners, and advocates.

Prospective MSW/MPH Students:

For the MPH part of the degree pathway, you may select from two concentrations:

 *Only the MPH is fully online

Interested students are encouraged to speak with faculty in the School of Social Work and the Online Generalist MPH and/or Health Promotion & Disease Prevention (HPDP).

If you have general questions about the dual degree program, please contact the Office of Student and Alumni Affairs at 305-348-7783.

Field Practicum and the MSW/MPH

Students in the MSW/MPH combined degree pathway will participate in three semesters of field practicum (SOW 5532, SOW 6533, and SOW 6534). The practicum in public health is combined into the social work advanced clinical placement, SOW 6533. While the placement process goes through the School of Social Work’s Office of Field Education, the practicum coordinator for public health is involved in the interviewing and matching of students to ensure that the placement not only meets the needs of a clinical social work internship but also allows the students to meet the competencies for an MPH Generalist or HPDP practicum.


  • MSW/MPH Admissions
  • Applicants must apply to and be accepted into each degree pathway separately to qualify for the combined degree program. At the time of admission, students must notify both programs that they are interested in pursuing the combined degree. 

    For additional information about the MPH application procedures, deadlines, documents, please contact Fiorella Suyon, Public Health Admissions Coordinator, at 305-348-1674 or For additional information about MSW application procedures, deadlines, documents and pre-requisites, please contact the Admissions Program Assistant, Gladys Ramos, at or 305-348-5887.