Ph.D. in Public Health with a Concentration in Biostatistics and Data Analytics

The Ph.D. in Public Health with a concentration in Biostatistics and Data Analytics will train students in advanced statistical theory and the application of methods to solve complex public health problems. Students will learn how to develop new methods or improve the existing ones, integrate them with informatics in pursuit of original research, and produce advanced data science tools. While grounded in statistical theory they will be able to choose from more traditional biostatistics courses and methods to more contemporary data science and computing ones as applied to various public health and medical areas.

Graduates from the program will be prepared for future careers in academia, government, pharmaceuticals, or other sectors that need biostatistics and data science experts. A total of 75 credits are required to complete this degree, which includes 15 dissertation credits. 21 credit hours can be transferred from an MPH degree.


  • PHC 7050: Advanced Biostatistics I
  • PHC 7051: Advanced Biostatistics II
  • PHC 7054: Advanced Biostatistics III
  • PHC 6080: SAS Computing for the Health Sciences OR
  • PHC 6099: R Computing for Health Sciences

How to Apply

Public Health students concentrating in Biostatistics must apply via SOPHAS.