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Clinical Research Lab for Tobacco Smoking



Subject area

This lab is specialized in creating evidence to inform regulatory and policy solutions to the tobacco epidemic, especially those related to emerging tobacco products popular among youth such as e-cigarettes, and hookah.

Current projects

R01 DA055937 (FDA/NIDA)                            Maziak PI                               2022-2027
Title: The effect of menthol on ENDS users' dependence, respiratory, and toxicants emission outcomes
This project will answer two key regulatory questions consistent with FDA’s focus on the role of flavor in tobacco products’ addiction and toxicity; 1) compared to tobacco flavor, does menthol carry additional risk by enhancing puffing, abuse liability, and toxicant exposure in ENDS users, and; 2) is this effect more pronounced among high dependence compared to other users. (Total $2,460,000). Pending.

R01DA051836, NIDA                                        Maziak PI                              2021-2026
Title: Developing and testing health warning labels on the ENDS (e-cigarettes) device
This project will guide policymakers into the effective application of HWLs for ENDS and will develop warning messages and pictorials that national and state stakeholders can use in counter-marketing campaigns to protect young people and discourage harmful ENDS use. (Total $ 2,635,354).

R01 DA053587 (FDA/NIDA)                          Maziak PI                                2022-2025
Title: Assessing the effect of nicotine reduction on ENDS user's addiction and exposures
This project aims to answer 3 main regulatory questions: 1) is NR a promising regulatory option to reduce ENDS addictiveness and use; 2) what is the effect of partial vs. total NR on compensatory puffing and exposure to nicotine and respiratory toxicants, and 3) what is the effect of NR on ENDS users at different stages of their use. (Total $1,229,574)

Florida Department of Health                     Maziak/Multiple PIs             2020-2025
Title: Developing and testing waterpipe-specific health warning labels targeting young people in Florida
This project will provide health warnings adapted for young waterpipe smokers in Florida to advance policies and disseminate knowledge about waterpipe harmful effects to young people in Florida and nationally ($1,253,415; 5 years).