Environmental Health Sciences

The Department of Environmental Health Sciences (EHS) identifies and explores common biological and environmental pathways that contribute to a broad range of diseases in an effort to develop applicable prevention and intervention strategies.

Our graduate-level EHS programs prepare students for professional roles in which they will apply the highest quality performance of mechanism-based and evidence-based research to help detect, prevent and control adverse influences of the environment on human health while communicating the complex interactions between genetic variation and environmental stressors.

The EHS department advocates for research-led teaching, so students are able to get the most up-to-date information as we share our passion for the field. Our interdisciplinary faculty of physicians, chemists, toxicologists, cancer scientists, molecular biologists, environmental/water resource scientists and other public health scientists give great breadth to our teaching and research, which also provides students with an excellent opportunity to help reduce risk and improve public health at the local and global level upon graduation.

Environmental Health Sciences

Environmental Health Sciences (EHS) is a dynamic field of study in the Public Health discipline. The COVID-19 pandemic and Climate Crises have highlighted the significance of understanding and applying Environmental Health Sciences knowledge and skills to minimize hazardous exposures present in the environment to extend individuals' health spans and well-being. Browse our degree program in Public Health Sciences with a concentration in Environmental Health Sciences.

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At Stempel College, we understand that academic success can be affected by financial aid and funding opportunities. Our students have access to myriad funding options by degree level (bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral) and by academic discipline (Public Health, Dietetics & Nutrition, Social Work). It’s important to understand the basics of applying for financial aid and the additional resources available to you as a Stempel College student.

Research Spotlight

Dr. Diana Azzam and her child patient, Logan

Diana Azzam Featured on Good Morning America for Work on Feasibility of Functional Precision Medicine for Guiding Treatment of Pediatric Cancers

FIU researcher Diana Azzam and the Azzam Lab collaborated with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital to conduct a first-of-its-kind clinical trial for personalized treatment of children’s cancer using a unique functional precision medicine approach.

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