Department of Dietetics and Nutrition

The field of dietetics and nutrition is dynamic and continuously evolving as more research is elucidated on the relationships between food, nutrition, human health and disease. With a greater emphasis on preventive health care and improved eating habits, we are committed to supporting our communities by promoting healthier lifestyles through better nutrition across diverse populations. To meet the ever-changing demands, we foster a synergistic approach to our evidence-based research initiatives. We also maintain more than 30 community partners across South Florida. Some of the most active are with local hospital systems such as Baptist Health, Memorial and Broward Health. Others include Independent Living Systems, Flipany, Special Olympics, Broward County Public Schools and Miami Jewish Home.

Graduates from Stempel College’s award-winning Department of Dietetics & Nutrition often go on to work in health care systems, home health care, food service, private business, research and educational organizations after graduation. As vital members of medical teams in hospitals, long-term care facilities and health maintenance organizations, they provide medical nutrition therapy—using specific nutrition services to treat chronic conditions, illnesses or injuries.

The department met a significant milestone from January – June 2017 with a 100-percent passing rate on the national Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) exam for students in the Didactic Program. For the entire year of 2017, the pass rate average was 79 percent. The national pass rate benchmark is 80 percent. The department’s three-year pass rate average is 87 percent.

Meet our faculty

Check out exciting career paths for some of our D&N graduates:


  • Acute care
  • Education/research
  • Ambulatory care/rehabilitation facilities
  • Consultant/counseling (hospital or online)
  • Exercise physiology collaborations
  • Home health care
  • Military
  • Nursing home practitioner
  • Nutrition therapists: integrative medicine, nutrition genomics, function nutrition therapy
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Psychotherapeutic counseling


  • Federal agencies
  • Consulting/private business
  • Cooperative extension service
  • Corporate wellness/employee health
  • Cruise industry
  • Education/research
  • Health promotion
  • Marketing and sales
  • Media personality
  • Product development
  • Sports nutritionist
  • Textbook author
  • Private practice with MD, dentist, etc.


  • Business management
  • Caterer
  • Private chef
  • Culinary arts and nutrition consulting
  • Food technology
  • Food service management / inventory
  • Military
  • Product manufacturing

Funding your education

At Stempel College, we understand that academic success can be affected by financial aid and funding opportunities. Our students have access to myriad funding options by degree level (bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral) and by academic discipline (Public Health, Dietetics & Nutrition, Social Work). It’s important to understand the basics of applying for financial aid and the additional resources available to you as a Stempel College student. For more, please visit Funding Your Education in our website’s “Student Life” section.

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